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Melanie, Canada

Yes everyone can make bracelets... but if you want to meet a great person, be able to exchange and have fun and leave with an amazing gift/ souvenir from your trip, this experience is for you. The place is beautiful, there are a lot of pieces and accessories to choose from, you go with your feelings and create something beautiful that represents you. Gulya was great, we shared some wine and I meet another person, it was a great experience! I left with the bracelet, good addresses for food to try, some more expériences to look for and I had a great time while there! Thx a lot!

Malcom, Royaume-Uni

From start to finish this felt personal as it was was a birthday treat for my girlfriend, the surroundings were more personal than expected as this took place in Gulyas studio, Gulya was incredibly patient and knowledgeable of her stones and the wine was beautiful too. The end result will be a memory of our trip to Nice. Would highly recommend this experience. The cafe opposite the studio sells the best hot chocolate!


Isabella, California

Gulya is a great host! She shared her story and helped us create unique bracelets that will remind us of our first trip to France! Very friendly and caring host.

Anna, Autriche

It feels so cosy and welcome. Perfect opportunity for creative and people of any age. I would be happy to do it again. And I have got one bracelet for my mum as well. It is so nice. Highly recommended.


Janet, Chicago

Gulya is an interesting woman who goes to great lengths to help me create a personal and unique bracelet. I love the red bracelet with a tiny Eiffel Tower on it. It will always remind me of France and this time in this Nice. So glad I did this experience.


Gulya is a great host! She shared her story and helped us create unique bracelets that will remind us of our first trip to France! Very friendly and caring host.


Margarita, Russia

Gulya крутой мастер своего дела. Помогла создать уникальный браслет под ее чутким руководством. Предлагая, направляя, но не наставая. Приятная атмосфера творческого Ателье дизайнера. гостеприимна, угощает напитками от души. После ещё поболтали. Спасибо. Ношу с удовольствием



This was a fantastic jewellery making class. The host, Gulya has a great eye for pattern and colour and helps you to make a unique souvenir of your time in Nice. I did this on my last day of my holiday, and it will always remind me of Nice. This would be a great experience for couples to make a bracelet for each other (masculine colours and designs available), or it would be good for female friends to do together. Gulya also has family groups, and children as young as three. For young children she has a tube bracelet which they can put small pieces inside, to make it child safe. Great value for money, and you go away with a unique souvenir. Totally recommend this experience.


Liz, Canada

Choosing from a huge selection of beads and stones we each crafted a custom bracelet and walked away with beautiful keepsakes from our family vacation to Nice. The rose was ice cold - a nice complement to the warmth of the welcome we received from our host Gulya!


Virginie, France

Nous avons passé un très bon moment en compagnie de Gulya. Elle propose un choix de pierres, perles et pampilles exceptionnel et elle a su nous orienter tout en respectant nos choix. Nous sommes repartis conquis avec un bracelet qui nous correspondait. A faire et refaire.


Joel, California

Guyla hosted our family for a wonderful experience making bracelets in her cozy studio. Her knowledge and experience shined and we have two beautiful, custom bracelets.


Joshua, California

The event began with an offered glass of white wine and the extradition of my coat to the coat rack by a pair of benevolent hands. The musically toned words and laughter of Gulya followed with inviting the participants to take seats in her comfortably padded and supportive swivel chairs before the central table boasting a vast array of bracelet accessory options, from which we were invited to choose any and all preferred with limitless combinations. With the abundance of variety to pick from I was amply enabled in the generous time allotted to fashion the manner of bracelet which communicates almost precisely the message and meaning I had hoped for when I signed up for this event. But unlooked for was the best aspect of it all: the exemplary welcoming warmth and vibrance of the hostess who was genuinely passionate about her craft and wished to see our creative avenues fully explored in the imaginative outpouring of the endeavor. I was incredibly grateful to be in the company of one so uplifting and who made my presence feel genuinely valued.


Qing, Chine

I definitely love this experience and would recommend it to all my friends, there were plenty of materials that we can use to create our bracelet. I wasn’t sure what I’m going to create, but after I saw those stones, and Gulya gave some tips to me, those ideas just came to my mind. I love my bracelet and I also made one more for my friend, it will be a really unique gift


Nancy​, Australie

Gulya expertly helped me to make a bracelet as a gift for my friend. An enjoyable experience. She even gave me some extra "angel beads" to bring me good fortune!


Mylene, France

Très bon accueil au champagne de la part Gulya et son mari ! Beaucoup de choix, de perles et d’accessoires permettant de créer son propre style, grâce à sa patience et à sa créativité! Superbe atelier je recommande vraiment !


Robert, Russia

Offered this experience to my girlfriend. She was very happy with the bracelet she made with Gulya. An amazing evening. Nice and friendly people.


Antony, France

Superbe expérience. Accueil très chaleureux. Personne très agréable, qui connaît bien son sujet et qui m'a appris à réaliser un superbe bracelet avec des pierres d'onyx qui me porteront certainement chance. Je recommande les yeux fermés.


Beth, Royaume-Uni

I had such a wonderful time making my bracelet. It really was the perfect thing to do in Paris. Not only were we given champagne, but it was a great creative atmosphere and friendly. Gulya was a great host. I'd love to make more things!


Christiane, Texas

Awesome. We went back a second time.

Loloche, France

Expérience parfaite une personne magnifique. Des bracelets uniques fait par nous. Je vous recommande vivement


Christiane, Texas

Loved it! Went with two kids and made the most awesome personalized souvenir bracelets. Thank you for a wonderful afternoon!!

Olga, Italie

E' stata un'esperienza davvero interessante ed originale.

M, France

Atelier intéressant et accueil excellent. Gulya est très sympathique, nous avons passé un bon moment.

Yana, Russia

It was wonderful experience. Gulya was absolutely amazing. She is a great teacher and has a beautiful space. Recommended!!!

Dina, Russia

This was a pretty cool event I really liked. I highly recommend to everyone.

Vince, France

Un moment très agréable à partager, à plusieurs ou à deux. Plaisir garanti :-)

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